Fresh Air Poisoning

"Fresh air poisoning" is a running joke in our house, and most outdoor recreation enthusiasts of all types know it well.  “The Outdoor Cleanse” or “Soul Candy” or whatever you want to call that endorphin-fueled peace you attain after being outside for sometimes just a few hours.  Playing outside isn’t for everyone.  But I believe … Continue reading Fresh Air Poisoning


The Flying Moose and the Blueberry Bear, Part III

We took a few pictures around that bull moose and I sent out a SPOT satellite beacon message, "Critter Down!" for the outfitter and the folks at home. After a quick walk back to camp to call Powers, eat, and grab knives, a saw and tarp, we came back to the bull and butchered until … Continue reading The Flying Moose and the Blueberry Bear, Part III

You’ll Never Guess Who I Ran Into

We’ve all had those conversations where someone tells the story about how they were somewhere weird and ran into a friend from home. Then the next person tells their story about when they were somewhere a little more odd and met someone they knew. I have a trump card for those conversations. In early ‘04 … Continue reading You’ll Never Guess Who I Ran Into

Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving is far and away my favorite holiday.  It is simple, no gifts, little hype, just a day to gather with friends, family, possibly even strangers, then give thanks and eat.  It has become very much the last day of sanity before the dam that holds back Christmas commercialism bursts. We’ve had happy Thanksgivings, less … Continue reading Thanks Giving

Outdoor Gear Opinions

It’s March and most of us have been cooped up for a few months dreaming of getting back outside after most of the snow clears. I don’t think I’m alone in saying I get cabin fever-ish this time of year. It seems like good medicine to go through and revisit the gear I will be … Continue reading Outdoor Gear Opinions

The Flying Moose and the Blueberry Bear, Part II

The country we would be hunting was the delta formed between the Yukon and Kuskokwim Rivers.  We were to fly about 50 miles to a spot they had previously scouted for camp.  The delta we flew across looked like a textbook river delta, fairly flat and swampy with thousands of lakes and ponds filling the … Continue reading The Flying Moose and the Blueberry Bear, Part II