Links I use

Learn stuff:

Hunt Talk forums (Reads, rants, reviews, advice, stories, categorized):

Hunt Talk

24hourcampfire forums (another good forum for outdoors fans):

Weather straight from the horse’s mouth.  In the box in the upper left, type the town, then click on the map for the spot you’d like the weather forecast:

Preserve and Protect stuff:

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers:

Colorado Mule Deer Association:

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation:

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership:

Buy stuff:

Camofire daily deals:

Camera Land New York, awesome deals on optics:

Publish stuff:

WordPress blogs and web sites:

Film stuff:

Filming and booking hunts, shooting commercials in town or in the woods.  John is an excellent videographer:

Read colleague’s stuff:

Average Hunter Site and Podcast:

Dustin Hardage Colorado Hunting and Fishing:




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