Fresh Air Poisoning

"Fresh air poisoning" is a running joke in our house, and most outdoor recreation enthusiasts of all types know it well.  “The Outdoor Cleanse” or “Soul Candy” or whatever you want to call that endorphin-fueled peace you attain after being outside for sometimes just a few hours.  Playing outside isn’t for everyone.  But I believe … Continue reading Fresh Air Poisoning


The Infidels’ Bible

This story first ran in the Kitsap Veteran's Life publication in 2011 Blogger's Note: infidel -- in - fi- del  [in-fi-dl, -del] ----(in Muslim use) a person who does not accept the Islamic faith It's really not derogatory at its basest meaning.  One of my favorite quotes from my whole tour was when Wahid, one … Continue reading The Infidels’ Bible

A Christmas in Afghanistan

I wrote this in December 2009.  It originally ran in the Black Hills Weekly Group, Rapid City (South Dakota) Journal and the Denver Post Online.  Many thanks to those publications for picking me up. Santa's Security Detail, Christmas, 2003 Brown.  Nearly everything in Afghanistan is brown.  The dirt, the buildings, the vehicles, the equipment, even … Continue reading A Christmas in Afghanistan